Anatomy of a Panic Attack

(My first creative piece for the blog)

No. No. Keep your head above the current. Don’t let that wave wash over you. The wave is huge, at least a twenty footer. Swim faster, feel the water rise with momentum, it takes your body with it. You push as hard as you can away from the wave, but your legs are rendered powerless. You are now a mere puppet at the mercy of the storm. The water pushes into your eyes, your ears, your nose. It leaks into your brain, taking over any thoughts you have. Escape, how to escape? There is no escape. Resignation. This is life now. Life is drowning. It will never get better. Collapse. Give up. You are so tired, stop fighting, let the wave over take you. It will be just like sleeping, forgetting it all. No. Can’t give up. Recede. Recede. Dry land.



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