Stitch Fix Review (3)

Ok guys, time for another Stitch Fix review! Just for a recap: Stitch Fix is a styling service which sends you 5 items, you can try them on and decide what you like and what you don’t. Return the items you don’t want (via a prepaid bag) and pay for what you keep. The service fee is $20 but if you keep an item (or more), the $20 goes towards your purchase price. If you keep all 5 items you get the $20 applied to your purchase and a 25% discount. To pick the items sent to you, a stylist will examine your style profile (a detailed questionnaire that you fill out when you sign up) and look at your Pinterest board, if you provide them with one, and you get the opportunity to include a note to ask for items or trends you’d like to try. You can set a reoccurring Stitch Fix bi-monthly, monthly, every other month etc.

Ok and a recap of my experience with Stitch Fix. I was told about Stitch Fix from a friend who had heard about it in her office. That was in October, I do my subscription monthly so this is my third one. My first one went well, the second wasn’t as great. You can read about those experiences also in my blog, just search the reviews category.

This month I asked my stylist for pieces to wear for the holidays, a potential second shot at plaid, and something for my upcoming trip to Mexico. I also requested that my items be kept under $90 (for each item) because I was on a budget since it is the gift buying season. I also made this clear because things got really pricey last time around. Ok ready to see what I got?

Pixley Bixby Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse-$48

Ok, I was excited when I saw the pattern when I saw this in the box. I like the bird print and it looks perfect for the office. I tried it on and the cut wasn’t very flattering for my figure. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t love the way I looked in it. And after my mom questioned what the print was, I did realize that it was kind of ‘busy’. Not a bad shirt but it didn’t knock my socks off, so I sent this back.

Papermoon Waters Printed Maxi Dress-$68

This dress was what I received for my trip to Cancun (which is next week, I am so excited!). The pattern is cute, very summer-y. I just don’t like maxi dresses. I’m short, I don’t do a lot of long dresses, this just wasn’t my style. The top also isn’t flattering on me (I guess a lot of things aren’t). This is the second Papermoon dress I’ve received in my fixes and I think I just might not like the brand. Not my style, so this went back.

Shiraleah Aure Embellished Clutch-$48

This is the last thing I pulled out of my box and I was very excited! I had pinned this on my Stitch Fix Pinterest board and I was really excited they sent it. I am very into cross-body bags right now. I always use one on the weekends and when I go out. The color is gorgeous and the gems really dress it up. This would be a great formal purse for special occasions. I really wanted to keep this-but I fell in love with some other things and couldn’t budget to keep them all. I picked this to send back because of practicality, I don’t go out in a formal setting very often. So this purse would get used maybe once or twice a year. I was bummed to send it back though.

Market & Spruce Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan-$68

As soon as I saw this pattern peeking out of my box, my eyes lit up. I pinned this cardigan not once but twice in hopes of getting it in my fix! This is perfect to wear to the office (I’m wearing it right now!). It’s lightweight and great to throw on over a blouse. I love the stripes and the polka-dot lining is the detail that puts this over the top for me. There is also some piping that makes a nice and flattering silhouette. I had to shutter a bit at the price, but I was in love with it before it arrived at my door. As you’ve figured by now, I kept it.

Skies are Blue Miayan Dress-$78

Well guys, this won the Fix for me. I wanted a holiday dress and this couldn’t be more perfect. The gold stripes on the skirt give just the right amount of sparkle to contrast the black top. I love the long sleeve top and the neckline is perfect for my body type. This dress is figure-flattering and a knockout when I have it on (pardon my modesty). I am wearing this to Christmas Eve dinner, no doubt about it. While it is pricy, I’m ok with paying it for a dress with this kind of detail. I’m so glad to finally have a dress from Stitch Fix that matches my style.

Last month’s fix was a bit of a let down, but man did they bounce back big! Everything matched my style except the maxi dress. I can forgive them on that because I didn’t start getting fixed until fall so they didn’t know that I don’t do maxis. And I knew asking them for a summer item in December would be a stretch, I’m sure they almost out of summer clothes. 

I’m also thrilled that I was sent two pieces that I pinned on Pinterest. It lets me know that the stylist is doing their research and is listening to me. My stylist also referenced my price request in her note which lets me know that they aren’t ignoring me.

I’m so glad I got this very versitile cardigan and that knockout holiday dress! I can’t wait for my next fix in January! 

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix (you can try it without being locked into a subscription), here is my referral link: 

By using my link, I will get a credit when you receive your fix. Obviously you can go directly to their website if you’d rather.

Until next time!



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