The Bachelor-Preseason


Well folks, it’s January, which means a brand new season of The Bachelor is premiering on ABC! This year’s lucky guy is fan favorite, Ben Higgins who finished third in the race for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart on The Bachelorette.

Just a little background on my guilty pleasure, I’ve been watching The Bachelor since Season 1 which aired in 2002. No, I do not believe this is a good way to find love. Yes, I think people do it mainly for publicity. Yes, this show is horrible for Feminism. But alas, I am still addicted to the train wreck and watch it religiously. I also live tweet the episodes (east coast time) so follow me @laurenmagoo.

Ok, so let’s take a quick gander at our guy here. Ben Higgins. Ben looks like a Ken doll, fresh out of the box. He has an adorable smile and an eclectic taste in sweaters. The women of America fell for him the second he said he worried that he was ‘unlovable’.

I personally am way more of a Ben Z girl over Ben H.


See?! He’s even more adorable than his head shot. He also contended for Kaitlyn’s heart but was sent home earlier than Ben H. My theory is that the producers picked Ben H because he is nice and safe. He isn’t going to do anything crazy or ever be thought of as a jerk. Ever since the Juan Pablo fiasco, ABC likes to pick the safe guys. Farmer Chris was about as safe as they come and I think Ben H is too. I’d personally prefer for some attitude and spice, but hey I’m not a producer.

So, anyway we have Ben H. Word is that he gets 28 women to pick from. I haven’t exhausted much research on them but I do know a few things. There are twins. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen this before, maybe it took execs this long to find a set willing to do the show. This brings up so many questions. How will Ben tell them apart? Will they both make it to hometowns? If he dumps one, but picks the other, won’t that be hella awkward? Do they count as one in the rose ceremony?

After twins, we also have some returning old cast members. Amber and Becca, both from Chris’s season will be returning. I hate returning cast members from other seasons. I feel like it is proof that you are not there for #therightreasons (sorry, I had to). You are just trying to ride The Bachelor train a bit longer. I don’t blame them, hang out in a nice mansion, get free food, open bar, travel the world, get Twitter famous, maybe book an endorsement deal with Fab Boxes, what’s not to like? But don’t try to convince me that Ben is truly the one for you.

Of course Becca made it all the way to the end on Chris’s season. She was most famous for being a virgin. It was all anyone talked about. Chris wanted to pick Becca, he said it like a million times in the final episode but Becca all but told Chris that she wouldn’t accept a proposal from him. She likes him and all but she wasn’t ready to leave her life and job to move to a farm in the middle of nowhere to have his babies after only dating for a few weeks-so you know a normal person. In the end Chris went for the sure thing, Whitney who then dumped him for going ‘too Hollywood’, who would’ve called that? I liked Becca but I lose some respect for repeat contestant, I mean come on, don’t be a Nick Viall.

Amber didn’t make it as far on Chris’s season but she has popped up on Bachelor Paradise. I thought after you made that leap you cancelled yourself out for the main events, you’re the side summer rerun show. Amber needs to sit down, on the beach.

I’m sure Ben will be a fine Bachelor. I commend him for calling out Kaitlyn for showing up to their hotel room to spoon with Shawn while she was still supposed to be pretending to date the rest of them (maybe that should’ve been a sign?). And he has a super strong sweater game, here’s to the roses and the cardigans to come!



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