The Bachelor Recap-Episode 1: Emoji Entrances

It’s finally time for my first Bachelor recap. I hope you are ready for this! Ok: 


Thanks for reading my recap! Ok just kidding, I’m going to write one but this honestly felt like I could tell this story with emojis alone. Season 20 is off to a crazy start indeed. Just to catch you up, the Bachelor is Ben Higgins who came in 3rd on Kaitlyn’s season. He’s cute, nice and has fabulous taste in sweaters. He’s also 26 which is apparently SUPER young?! 

Chris Harrison brought up Bens age a ton on the show. Guess I missed all the Bachelors in their 40s of the past? Anyway we get the montage of him at home in Indiana (go Hooisers) with his family and shirtless. He is afraid he’s unlovable and wants to find someone to love him back-blah, blah, blah.

To kill some time we are treated to an advice session with 3 past Bachelors: Chris, Sean, and Jason. Chris Harrison claims these are 3 of America’s favorites, I don’t know about that. And in review, Chris and Whitney broke up, Sean is on Marriage Bootcamp with Catherine, and Jason picked the wrong girl. I’d say they aren’t the best for giving advice. The talk about being physical-with Chris proclaiming ‘kiss them all!’ While Sean tells him not to let the the other girls see him kiss girls. Ben nods and silently decides to kiss none of them.

Then come the montages of his contestants. We have a crazy dentist, a mom, a girl who broke up with her boyfriend for Ben and a chicken enthusiast among others. Finally we are in front of the mansion and Chris gives Ben an awkward hug and its showtime.

I don’t know who tells these girls that the most ridiculous entrance wins the show but somebody is. Probably producers. If you grit your teeth at flight attendant Olivia’s corny airplane joke you haven’t seen anything yet. Unicorn masks, mini-horses, a football hike (while bearing her booty), a Russian, a huge rose hat, and twins. It’s more like a circus than anything else.

I will say this for Ben, he does have great facial expressions. After a quick chat with his parents, which he woke up?!, he heads in. He isn’t through his welcome speech when rose hat girl aka the crazy dentist steals him to clean his teeth. I wish I was kidding. 

Of course we can’t have a standard 25 new crazy girl cast, oh no, we have to have some returning contestants. A limo pulls up to the mansion and Becca and Amber appear. Yes, that Becca. If you don’t remember Amber, that’s ok, no one does. Becca made it to the final 2 with Prince Farming himself, Chris Soules. She was known for being a virgin and having doubts about marrying someone after only knowing them a few weeks. So she’s back to do it again.

Amber was also on Chris’s season but she wasn’t there long. She also showed up on Bachelor in Paradise. My guess, she doesn’t have a job and had made it her career to pop up on these shows. Chris Harrison dramatically sets them up by telling them that it’s up to Ben if he even lets them stay at the party or if he sends them away right away. He gives them one more chance to retain their dignity but they decline and enter the mansion.

If Ben had a big decision to make on whether he would let the stay, no one told him. He greets them like old friends, well Amber as the friend that you met at a party once but don’t remember their name, and just like that they are accepted. The rest of the girls are pissed of course most of all is Lace.

If you think her name is the weirdest thing about her, you’re wrong. The more wine Lace drinks, the further she spirals into a rage. She hates Becca with a passion though Becca doesn’t seem to notice her existence. After Lace tried to kiss Ben but crazy dentist steals him, she’s ready to start throwing bows. But all is good because even though Ben rejected her kiss, he came to find her to give her a line about the night not being about physical attraction. Yeah, ok.

Finally it’s rose ceremony time. Here are the important things: Olivia (news anchor with perfect teeth) gets the first impression rose, Becca, Amber, Mandi (crazy dentist), the twins,  and Lace all stay. Chicken enthusiast and girl with mini horse go home. Now it’s toast time but Lace is a killjoy and pulls Ben aside to find out why he didn’t make eye contact with her. Ben is trapped with Miss Crazy when the To Be Continued flashes.

Hold kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Until next time.



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