The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap: A Villian is Born

Another Monday has come and gone, Ben has been hard at work trying to find his wife and hide from Lace. I have to confess, sadly I missed the first part of this episode due to some extenuating circumstances. But from all the recaps and tweets I read, I didn’t miss too much. I’ll focus more on the last half where things actually get good.

I’m sure we saw a shot of Ben in his hotel room shirtless with a voiceover of how he’s sure his wife was at that party last night and he hopes he makes the right choice, blah, blah. Let’s get to some dates!

The first date is a group date where the girls get to return to high school. I can’t think of anything worse than that. The girls must break into teams of two and go to ‘classes’ and in each class someone gets eliminated. The important part is that they have to place Indiana on a map and no one can do it. I know where Indiana is because I drive through it almost every day. But I get why you wouldn’t know, Indiana isn’t known for much. But Becca literally puts Indiana sideways on the map. I mean does any state look like that? No.

Moving on, Mandi wins (crazy flower head dentist) and is dressed up like a homecoming queen  (I’m so glad I missed this). Ben starts kissing ladies, and Jo Jo gets the rose.

His first one-on-one date is with Calia. You remember Calia, she broke up with her boyfriend for a guy she saw on TV, yep that’s the one. This is also where ABC interjects some stars who need to plug s movie, so Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are there. They tell Ben to buy Hennessy and condoms and take the couple to a hot tub inside a store.

Finally Calia and Ben get to go to dinner alone. She tells him how she met her last boyfriend (on a plane) and that she broke up with him because her heart didn’t feel it. She of course leaves out the part where she broke up with this guy for Ben, whom she had never met at that time. At least she was smart enough not to disclose that tidbit. She gets the rose and we are treated to our first private concert of the season: Amos Lee.

Don’t know who that is? It’s ok, he had one mild hot about 5 or 6 years ago because it was used in a commercial,”the song was called “Sweet Pea”. The commercial used a dad and his adorable daughter. You’d know it if you saw it. Amos sings this song then goes for an unknown ballad that Ben claims is his favorite. They dance, they kiss, Ben stares at Amos Lee a lot and we’re out.

Time for another group date. This one includes miss first impression rose, Olivia, the mother Amanda, and the twins. There are more girls but who cares. This time the date is a ‘science of love experiment’. All the girls are put in matching white outfits and asked to run until they sweat so Ben can smell them. Ok, I take back what I said earlier, this sounds like the worst date ever. And poor Samantha, Ben says she smells sour. While everyone else seems to smell like flowers?

The girls also have a test where they are shown images and a body heat reading with Ben. In the end Olivia is deemed most scientifically compatible, shocker, and poor Sam is deemed the worst. Bad day for Sam. And the twins declare themselves ‘not that smart’ and I concur. Amanda finally tells Ben she has kids and Ben is overly stoked about it. Olivia gets the rose and now all the girls hate her. Probably because she says shit like this: “I don’t even know what a rose ceremony is like.”-classy.

We go into our next rose ceremony and Ben is feeling calmer, but he shouldn’t because Lace is still there and she doesn’t do well at these things. Ben goes on a “good guy tour” as I call it, pulling Leah (only girl without a date that week) aside to say he didn’t forget about her, giving Lauren B a picture of them, making barrettes for Amanda’s daughters etc. Olivia further cements herself as a villain by pulling Ben aside even though she already has a rose, why does she do it? Because she wants to kiss him until his lips fall off, oh ok I totally get that 🙄. She then proceeds to tell the girls that they can talk to Ben now because she’s now finished speaking with him.

Lace pulls Ben aside to tell him that she acts so weird because she had bangs as a kid and her brother was mean to her. As Ben stares at her in fear, an I identified blonde pulls him away, that was a close one. Of course Lace begins to cry, again. Rose ceremony time!

Lace is safe again?! I’m calling it, the producers made that call. Ben calls LB but she decides this isn’t for her and leaves, thankfully we’ve shed ourselves of a “Lauren”. Mandi and Samantha also go home, poor Samantha.

At this point my front runners: Lauren B, Olivia, Calia, Becca, and Amanda.

I believe Ben will see Olivia’s dark side and give her the axe but not for awhile, she has too much drama to cause. I think Calia will become America’s sweetheart but be knocked off in the final 4 or 3. I think Becca will get about that far too and I’m going Lauren B for the win. My picks are always subject to change week by week. My Bachelor Bracket is sadly screwed. Until next week!



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