Book Review: Modern Romance

I’ve finished my first book of 2016! Now only 49 more to go to reach goal of 50 by the end of the year, hopefully I can pull it off! 

Aziz Ansari is most notable for his work on Parks and Recreation, his stand-up comedy, and his new Netflix show- Masters of None. I love Ansari’s comedy, which fueled my excitement for this book. In this book, Aziz pairs his comedic voice with a very real topic: love and relationships in the modern world. 

Before reading this book, I never thought about how modern technology has changed the way we look for love and conduct our relationships. It really has affected everything, from where we look for love to how we break up with people. 

Aziz explores all of topics of romance in the modern day. He and his co-authors, conducted focus groups, traveled to foreign countries, and even set up a subreddit for research. The outcome was a fascinating peek into how much has changed. We used to be more likely to marry a neighbor or someone our parents set us up with than any other way of meeting. 

Now with online dating and apps like Tinder, we are always looking for a new partner. The book also explores the pros and cons of having so many more choices. We have more opportunity to find the right person but we also have so many choices that we are too afraid to settle down-what if someone better is out there?

Aziz also told many antidotes about who texting as communication can be very stressful. This took me back to when my boyfriend and I first starting texting back and forth, man can I relate! I was glued to my phone waiting for a reply but also afraid to text back too soon and all of that craziness. Looking back, I don’t know how I survived without having a full blown panic attack.

I really enjoyed this book, I found the research and insights facisnsting and Aziz brought a refreshing, relatable, and hilarious voice to it which made it more than just stats on a page. I recommend anyone looking for a relationship or in a relationship that has a smartphone or a computer. Basically everyone. It explains a lot of issues that we all have, it’s very refreshing to see this topic addressed especially in such an entertaining narrative.



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