The Bachelor: Episode 3 Recap

Well Bachelor Nation, things are getting serious. It’s been three whole episodes since Ben began his journey as The Bachelor and the gravity of this process is just now hitting the ladies.

Take Olivia for example, she’s decided that her and Ben are in a relationship though it’s only been 3 weeks and he’s dating 15 other girls. But hey Olivia is going to be Mrs. Ben Higgins so none of this matters anyway, right? She also apparently spent $40k on clothes….can I get $5?

Chris Harrison arrives at the mansion to give out the first date card, and to note that there is tension in the room. In case we couldn’t see it at home, he pointed it out for us. Jubilee really wants a one-on-one, and if she gets it then it will be the best day of her life. How unfortunate is that?

Lauren B, the flight attendant Lauren gets the first one-on-one this week. Her date card is a cheesy flying reference and obviously she’s so excited because it’s not like she travels on planes for a living or anything. Ben picks her up and all the girls are SO jealous. Jubilee and Calia end up crying about getting their hearts broken. Again, let me remind you that this is week 3.

After subjecting Lauren’s hair to a rough ride in a convertible, Ben leads Lauren to a prop plane. The one type of plane she hadn’t been on. Lauren is nervous but she trusts Ben, blah blah. The end up flying over the mansion and all the girls just know it’s them and promptly complain and whine. We are also treated to watching Ben and Lauren trying to kiss with helmets and microphones on.

They land in the middle of nowhere and what do you know? There is a hot tub! I’m telling you, Ben is obsessed with hot tubs. They pop up everywhere. During dinner Ben tells Lauren that his dad had heart surgery and that was tough on him. Lauren responds by saying she wants to meet his family and then realizes that she sounded creepy. Needless to say she gets the rose, and a private concert by some band I’ve never heard of.

Back at the mansion, it’s group date time. And spoiler alert, it’s a sports date! Rachel, Amber, Olivia, Jami, the Twins, and Lace attend this one. Others may have gone but these are the important players. They get to play soccer with two US Women’s Team players. And of course they must split to teams to play for more time with Ben. They are divided into Stars and Stripes because: America.

I now can separate the twins into Emily: the one that tried really hard at this and Haley: the other one. Rachel gets hurt and Amber uses that opportunity to break the tie and win. Stripes win. Stars are devastated and sent back to the house. At the winners party, Olivia immediately steals Ben. She then proceeds to wave at all the girls from a balcony to gloat. She’s such a nice individual.

The girls are pissed and begin talking about how weird her toes are. Jami immediately reports this to Olivia who is relieved it wasn’t about her cankles. Amber reminds Ben that she’s done this before, and after some kissing she received the rose. Olivia is upset but decides it’s ok because Ben pushed off her knee when he stood up, they have a secret language you know.

Jubliee gets the other one-on-one after she is convinced she’s not Ben’s type and won’t get the date. But the pressure of everyone watching her leave with Ben quickly gets to her. She gives Ben crap for being late and then sarcastically asks if anyone else wants to go on her date when she sees a helicopter (she is afraid of heights). The girls suddenly hate her and spend her whole date talking about how rude she is.

Meanwhile Jubliee’s awkwardness continues when she spits out caviar and can’t speak to Ben. Finally the two of them seem to gel during some pool time, after she calls him ‘white boy’ and he laughs. At dinner things get heavy when Ben asks why she hasn’t returned to Haiti. We learn that Jubliee’s whole family died and she has survivor’s guilt. Ben is incredibly sweet and I give him kudos for his delicate handling of the situation. Jubilee gets the rose.

The rose ceremony begins with an announcement that two of Ben’s close family friends died in a plane crash. He is upset and wants support. Olivia immediately grabs him but instead of apologizing or comforting him, she feels the need to tell him about her insecurity with her cankles. I wish I was kidding. Amanda comforts him and treats him like a decent human should. Jubilee decides to give him a massage which he is totally into but the girls are livid. Afterwards, the girls attempt to gang up on Jubliee with Amber as their leader. She isn’t having it (you go go girl!). And Ben finds her. Amber tries to explain they were angry at the remarks she made before her date, which Ben shuts down by saying he likes Jubliee’s sense of humor. If Amber didn’t already have a rose I bet she’d be going home.

Just as Ben sits down declaring the drama over, Lace asks to speak with him. The look on his face says, “can I please not.” But nice guy Ben goes with her. In a shocking turn of events Lace bows out, telling Ben that she needs to love herself before she can love anyone else. I am so proud of Lace for this, she made the right choice and I’m glad she did. Though I will miss watching her. Shushanna and Jami are sent home from the rose ceremony. But more importantly, Ben calls Olivia last which she feels like is a punishment, but it’s ok because he squeezed her side when they hug which means he’s going to marry her.

Until next week 🙂








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