The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap: What’s a talent?

Things are getting serious Bachelor fans, how do we know this? Because we’ve left the comfort and safety of the mansion! If I was a contestant on this show, it would literally just be for the free world travel. But this season must be on a low budget because the girls and Ben are heading to the city of regret, Las Vegas. Oh boy.

Of course the girls are just so excited to go to Vegas, which just happens to be the twins’ hometown, more on that later. The first one-on-one date in sin city goes to Jo Jo. Olivia is not thrilled but she’s IN LOVE with Ben so it’s ok. 

Ben picks up Jo Jo and takes her to a helicopter. Apparently there was a table and chairs with food and drinks set up for them but the gust of the helicopter blades knocked it all over. I missed that but nice one Bachelor Interns. I tuned back in just in time to see Ben and Jo Jo making out and I guess they are right outside the women’s suite because they all see it too. Now Olivia is definitely upset.

Jo Jo and Ben’s date goes well, she gets a rose. Her date was uneventful except for the pretentious firework show that is standard for a Bachelor date. Moving on, group date time!

This excursion includes the Laurens, Leah, Rachel, Calia, Jubilee, the twins, Jen, Amber and Olivia. This means Becca gets the other one-on-one. Olivia is not happy, have I made that clear? The girls are taken to the stage of Terry Fator, who is kind of like Jeff Dunham, he has the whole puppet thing. Yes, ABC really rolled out the a-team for this season.

In an absolutely predictable turn, the girls have to perform a talent in front of Ben and Fator’s crowd. Well these girls have no talent. Jubilee plays the cello and the twins Irish dance (it’s super creepy), the rest is pretty sad. Lauren H reads a variation of Old McDonald had a Farm while dressed in a chicken suit. There’s juggling, hula hooping and then there is Olivia.

Olivia brags about doing something crazy, which turns out to be the worst burlesque dance ever. She crawls from a big cake and half-heartedly struts around. Everyone is mortified. Ben can’t even look. Olivia promptly runs to the back to have a “panic attack”. 

Later at the after party, Olivia MUST talk to Ben and save face but in the only bold move she has, Jen takes him first. When Olivia  finally does trap Ben in a corner, she practically burst into tears trying to explain how nervous she was and how she wasn’t herself. Ben assures her over and over that it’s fine but give Olivia a shovel because she digs herself in deeper and deeper. Finally a twin saves him. Which later prompts Olivia to steal Ben from the other twin to proclaim how she really wasn’t herself once again. 

Calia gets some time with Ben which she uses to immediately shove her tongue down his throat. Ben now thinks of Calia as a tigress or ‘sex panther’. So take that for what it’s worth. Lauren B gets the rose, and guess what? Olivia is unhappy.

Time for Becca’s one-on-one date! I feel like I’ve seen this before…oh yeah. Becca receives a wedding dress to prep for her date. So of course that freaks out the girls and isn’t creepy in the slightest. Becca shows up in the dress at a Vegas wedding chapel and Ben, dressed in a tux, proposes….for Becca to help him marry people.

Yep, Ben is an ordained minister. Becca gets to stand next to Ben as he performs weddings all day, she does a great job standing and smiling. Later, Ben repeatedly asks Becca if she is real-as opposed to a robot. Becca assures that she is. She also tells Ben this time on the show is different, she cares way more now than she did before-bet Chris loved hearing that. Then they have a fun convo about how Becca is a virgin but Ben isn’t. Becca gets the rose, so she’s around for another week.

In a surprise twist, Ben requests a two-on-one date with the twins. And by date, he means take them to their house, meet their mom and dump one of them. The twins have twin wiener dogs and rooms decorated like teenagers. They even have pictures up of their ex-boyfriends, because you know they take this so seriously. Ben picks Emily and leaves Haley with her mom. I can no longer tweet about them with the 👯 emoji, sad day for all.

Time for the rose ceremony, which means  all the girls are insecure and begging for reassurance. Ben doles out his usual nice guy ‘I like you for who you are’ speech. Olivia is still unhappy and still trying to convince Ben that she wasn’t herself the other night. 

Amber and Rachel are sent home, Olivia is given the last rose and the look on Ben’s face tells me the producers made him keep her. Hopefully Amber officially retires from this franchise. Next week, Mexico!



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