The Bachelor Recap: Episode 4-Regrets in Mexico

It’s week 4, and we’ve finally left America to torture another country with this circus! That’s right, the girls and Ben are off to Mexico (Not to be confused with New Mexico, Megan). The girls are super pumped to take in all the culture south of the border, first stop? The Four Seasons hotel complet with bidets in the bathrooms. Can’t you feel the culture?

Olivia is so sure she’s going to get the one-on-one because of her ‘psychic powers’. Well Olivia is wrong because helium-voiced mom Amanda gets the first one-on-one this week. Olivia isn’t happy but isn’t threatened because Amanda is a mom, so if she were Ben, she’d run.

Ben (ok, actually the producers) decided to wake the women up at 4AM to pickup Amanda for their date. I personally would tell anyone who woke me up at 4AM and stuck a camera in my face to fuck off, but that’s just me. Lauren H sits up with full bed head and a retainer, I love her for this. Olivia is worried about her “dragon breath” and Amanda looks amazing. Her hair is perfectly styled and I’m convinced the producers tipped her off or maybe Britt called her.

Ben takes Amanda on a hot air balloon ride over Mexico City and Amanda just absolutely loves it. During their picnic we find out how much of a scumbag her ex-husband is. Ben like can’t believe someone let Amanda go. I can’t believe how many times each of them used the term “like” during this date. Amanda gets the rose so we will be subjected to her baby voice for at least one more week.

Back at the house Olivia is going on about how Amanda is a mom-she just can’t handle the fact Amanda has kids. But it’s group date time! Everyone except Lauren H is on this date, and Olivia and Jubilee are especially unhappy about going on another group date. The date card is some cliche about the way to a man’s heart, so everyone assumes it’s a cooking date. Which is bad news for Emily because this twin can’t cook.

Ben meets the ladies at an ESL class which is not what anyone was expecting. But the ESL teacher has a great line about ‘warming up their mouths’. Good one! They need to learn some Spanish to shop for ingredients to cook Mexicsn dishes-so it is a cooking date. So the girls must say useful phrases like “I’m falling in love with you”. Jubilee is not thrilled watching this. When she’s called up and Ben tells her he loves her in Spanish she calls him out for saying it to the last 4 girls. I like Jubilee when she’s sassy, apparently I’m the only one.

The girls are required to pair up and cook dishes to be judged by Mexican chefs, and of course there is an odd number so someone has to be partnered with Ben. Olivia of course calls dibs but Jubilee challenges her for Ben. Like a typical man, Ben slips out of making a choice and let’s the girls duke it out. Shocker, Olivia wins and Jubilee sulks.

Meanwhile, Emily hates Olivia and needs to be kept away from butcher knives. When it comes to judging, most of the girls do poorly. JoJo says Ben has tasted her tacos and likes them with all the innuendo you can imagine attached to the statement. Olivia puts crickets on her and Ben’s dish and the chefs say it looks like dog food. But Olivia thinks they got 2nd place? Jubilee and Lauren B hit it out of the park, with the chefs claiming they want to put their dish on their restaurant menu. What do the winners get? Absolutely nothing.

At the after party, Jubilee is determined to steal Ben first but guess who beats her to the punch? Olivia, of course. Is she really that fast or are the girls not even trying? Jubilee is more upset than ever. She doesn’t grab Ben second or third, hope she just stops trying. Meanwhile, Ben is making out with Lauren B in the middle of the street. Jubilee commands Leah to go find them because they’ve been gone too long but before Leah has to go break up the party, they reappear. Ben is all smiles when he asks to talk to Junilee, but she’s not amused.

He tries to take her hand but she won’t let him because she’s uncomfortable holding his hand in front of nine other girls, I can’t blame her. But Ben doesn’t take rejection well. Jubilee tells Ben that she isn’t handling this whole multiple people dating him at once thing, really? I couldn’t tell at all. Ben fires back that she’s literally pulling away from him. Jubilee changes her tune and says she just needs to know there is potential. But Ben says his relationship has progressed more with the other girls. Jubilee can’t take the hint and continues to say she will open up more, but Ben finally says it plainly-he’s sending her home.

I liked Jubilee a lot but she was not mentally prepared for this show, then again who is? It’s for the best that Ben let her go but I hate to see her feel unlovable.

Back to the date. Ben tells the ladies he let Jubilee go and before he can finish his sentence, JoJo steals him. She’s learning from Olivia obviously. She tells Ben that he handled it well and she’s sorry he’s hurting. Ben says he doesn’t want to break up with any more women-too bad he’s just getting started. To the horror of everyone, Olivia gets the rose.

Lauren H gets the next one-on-one. To be honest there isn’t a ton of interesting things that happen. She gets to walk in a fashion show for a Mexican designer (I actually bought a purse from the same designer for my mom) and at dinner we hear about her scumbag ex-boyfriend. She gets the rose.

It’s rose ceremony time in Mexico! Olivia is in rare form, waving her rose around, laying claims to Ben. Amanda is talking about her kids and her custody arrangements with her ex when Olivia interjects that the situation “reminds her of Teen Mom”. Amanda is rightfully offended, Olivia apologizes by saying “she’s trying really hard”-to what, be a human being. Emily is even more outraged than Amanda and she has to tell Ben. Which turns into her sobbing that Olivia isn’t respectful. Then Emily calls Haley to vent and I can tell Haley is pissed because hello? She get sent home last week, of course she isn’t over it.

Ben decides to follow-up on the Olivia drama. He asks Olivia how she gets along in the house but she plays it off. Then he talks to Amanda who says she felt targeted, Jen says she doesn’t click with anyone. Chris comes to take Ben but he decides that he must talk to Olivia one more time. This is big because he might take her rose away which had never happened before….gasp. And then the dreaded ‘To Be Continued’. I actually thought we’d get through this season with a rose ceremony at the end of each episode, silly me. We will just have to hold our breath until next week.



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