Stitch Fix #5 Review

I’m back with another Stitch Fix Review! And this time I decided to do something different, I actually have pictures of myself wearing the clothes. I know most bloggers go that route and it does help the reader see what the item would look like on a person. I was a bit self conscious but I decided to give it a go-and I had a ton of fun styling the pieces!

Quick recap on Stitch Fix-Stitch Fix is a styling service which will send you 5 items based on your detailed ‘style profile’ and any items you pin on Pinterest (if you choose to share that). You receive the items in the mail, try them on and return what you don’t want and pay for what you keep. The cost $20 to send the items but if you keep anything, the $20 goes toward the cost of the items. If you keep all 5, you get the discount and 25% off. You can do this one time, bi-weekly, monthly-basically as often as you’d like. I do mine monthly.

All right, for my fifth fix I requested an outfit for Valentines Day again, and a new trend to try as well as an accessory. The necklace they sent last month wasn’t my style but I was eager for them to try again. I also requested that Ali, my stylist in my last fix be my stylist again. Let’s see what I got.

Brixon Ivy Pinson Drape Cardigan-$54

Item number 1, also, welcome to my living room! I was very excited to see that Ali sent me this cardigan. I have this pinned on Pinterest. It is the perfect sweater for work, the colors are muted, feminine and will go with about anything. I paired it with some gray pants from Target (gotta love Target), a pink lace blouse and some gray Calvin Klein flats. I love the detail of the pink lining. My only complaint is that it has 3/4 sleeves, I wish it was full long sleeves. I kept this, soon I will have a closet full of Stitch Fix cardigans.

Abree Side Slits Woven Bottom Knit Top-$58

I decided to get sassy and put my hand on my hip and the lighting in my house is less than ideal. This top is super soft and I actually like the bottom which has great striped detail. It’s simple but I liked it. I paired it with some skinny jeans from American Eagle and the gray Calvin Klein flats. Unfortunately the bottom was tight and didn’t fit well and you could see my bra-the issue with almost all white shirts. So I returned this.

 Lorri Stripe & Dot Infinity Scsrf-$28

This is the accessory that I was sent this month! I’m a huge scarf girl, I have a TON of them. I love the bright pink color and that there are two patterns. I paired it with a black and white lace raglan top, my skinny jeans and black riding boots. Also, it passes the selfie test. As much as I loved the scarf, I liked a few other things more and I didn’t have to have it so I sent it back-it’s super cute though.


Skies are Blue Posy Faux Suede Open Drape Jacket-$78

Guys, I’m in LOVE with this jacket! It is a super soft faux suede and I think it looks so really cool on. I also love that it’s lightweight, so I wouldn’t get too hot in it when indoors. This is perfect for a concert I’m going to next month and just going out in general. I paired it with a navy lace top, skinny jeans and suede booties. The jacket is a bit pricey but I don’t mind paying it for an item like this. So of course I kept it.

Collective Concepts Katelynn Printed Dress-$78

Please disregard the Christmas tree that is still up in February, in the background. I asked for a dress for Valentines Day and this was what Ali sent, I also asked for something in a new print/trend-that fits here too. I really love the floral pattern, I like florals but I have a hard time knowing how to pull them off. I paired it with a Kate Spade belt and floral INC shoes. I like the dress but the cut just isn’t flattering on my body type. Super cute dress but it went back.

I was very happy with this fix, and I am very glad I stuck with Ali for a second time. I think finding a stylist you like and requesting them to prepare multiple fixes is the way to go. I’m very excited to wear my new cardigan to work and wear my new jacket out with the girls! I liked styling the outfits for the pictures too, I’m sure the pictures will get better with time so bear with me!

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix you can use my referral code: 



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