Book Review: Half an Inch of Water

This is the first book that I’ve read based off of a recommendation from the Book Riot podcast. I have recently discovered the podcast and it has given me a plethora of new books to add to my reading list. I highly recommend it, it comes out every Tuesday. Ok onto the book!

Everett is a highly respected author, however I’d never heard of him before. Now I have his other work on my reading list, because he is a fantastic author. Half an Inch of Water is a collection of short stories set in the current day American West. That was one thing that drew me to the book, there isn’t a lot out there on this part of the country that is current and its such a unique culture. Everett really explores this culture in his stories about regular people.

Reading about these characters I felt like I knew them. He writes with such simplistic grace that I almost expect to see Sam Innis at my local gas station. He also structures his stories around an event, usually not a huge event but weaves in deeper conflict. He tackles spirituality, aging, divorce, alcoholism-just to name a few. He has a slight fantasy element in his stories but not enough to make it feel sci-fi, which is a hard line to tow. I also enjoyed how characters from a previous story would turn up in a later story which made it feel like an overall story of one town-not unlike Winesburg, Ohio

I really enjoyed these stories and I look forward to reading more of Everett’s work.



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