The Bachelor Recap Episode 6: There is no place like Indiana

When we last left Ben and his ladies, he had just stranded Olivia on an island in the Bahamas (and also sent Lauren H and Leah packing). So what exotic locale do the girls have the pleasure of traveling to? Warsaw, Indiana. Yes the budget for this show must be hurting.

We are treated to Ben meeting up with his parents in a quaint diner that fit as many Warsaw residents as it could to grab their 15 seconds of fame. He gives a brief rundown of the girls: Lauren is great but last week kind of sucked, JoJo is gorgeous, Becca has multiple sides (imagine that), Amanda has kids, Emily had a twin that I dumped, and Calia is afraid she can’t fall in love. Are you sufficiently terrified?

Ben goes to pick up his first date, ditching his clearly rented “vintage” truck for a pontoon boat. The girls are waiting in the dock as he almost crashes, only Calia stops his boat while the rest are completely fine with Ben ramming a boat into them. Now the housing situation isn’t quite clear. Thru may be staying in a lake house, they may be neighbors with his parents, I’m not quite sure. But he tells them not to look in his parent’s windows, because they might be doing it. Are you ladies sufficiently terrified?

Ben gives Lauren the first one-on-one and the girls decide that him actually showing up versus a date card is even harder on their egos. Ben drives Lauren around, showing her where he went to school, where he had his first kiss and the mega church he attends. He then takes her to a youth center that he worked at for awhile, before he found his true love-software sales.

In matching white vneck tshirts, Ben and Lauren play basketball with a bunch of kids and have to kiss when Ronnie sinks a half-court shot. As if this isn’t fun enough, Ben brings out Paul George and George Hill of the Indiana Pacers. Lauren is super pumped that she actually knows who they are. We get a clearly staged scene of Ben comforting a crying kid to which Lauren gushes that Ben would make a great dad. Maybe Amanda should be seeing this?

Ben takes Lauren to “his place”-side note: Ben doesn’t live in Warsaw, he lives in Denver. I don’t know how he has a place here. Anyway, Lauren explains that she felt awful after Leah attacked her to Ben last week and she was nervous. Ben assures her that one comment from a troll like Leah didn’t change his feelings (I may have embellished a bit). Ben likes her so much that he takes Lauren to his favorite dive bar with friends. Lauren gets tipsy and says she’s not in love with Ben the Bachelor but she is in love with Ben from Warsaw.

Next up is JoJo. While Lauren and Ben were playing with the kids, JoJo received her date card which mentioned the ‘Windy City’. Emily thinks that could mean Warsaw because it’s windy there. Oh twin 2. JoJo and Ben in fact go to Chicago, specifically, Wrigley Field. There they out on Cubs jerseys that say Mr. and Mrs.Higgins. No pressure there. They do all the cliche stuff, running bases and batting etc. Fun Fact: JoJo knows nothing about sports.

JoJo tells Ben that she’s scared and nervous. Ben doesn’t understand why JoJo has doubts when he’s told her like five times that he likes her. Could it be your five other girlfriends? The date is pretty boring, but JoJo is looking good coming out of it.

Group Date! The lucky participants this week are Becca, Calia, and Amanda. In case you didn’t know, Becca 100% prefers one on one date to group dates. The ladies get to row their way across the lake to a farm-yes this already sounds horrible. The barn looks creepily like the barn that Becca was broken up with in from Chris’s season, I bet she’s having flashbacks. Ben breaks some bad news, there is a rose on this date and the two girls that aren’t selected, go back to the house while he stays with the other girl.

In his alone time with Amanda they talk about her kids, what else is there? Becca tries to recover from her “standoffish” behavior from last week but Ben doesn’t seem to be buying it. Calia tells Ben she’s concerned that she doesn’t have the kind of roots put down in her hometown like he does. Ben picks Amanda to stay in the date, he seems to be against meaningful conversation. Calia and Becca are left in the Soules-look alike barn for awhile before being taken back to the house.

Where do Amanda and Ben go on their now one-on-one date? McDonalds of course! In a very poorly disguised sponsorship plug, Ben and Amanda order breakfast at night (Did you know McDonalds serves breakfast all day? 😉) and then hop behind the counter to work the drive thru. But oh no, the date isn’t over. Ben takes Amanda to a carnival in which everyone pretends they know Ben and creepily follow them around on their date. Becca and Calia dodged a bullet in my opinion.

And the last one-on-one and date of the week goes to twin 2: Emily. She literally cried when she gets the card which reads: Home is where the Heart is. Emily is ready to move to Warsaw and have babies, though Ben doesn’t live there. On a related note, Emily have you met Chris Soules? The girls put together that Ben is probably taking Emily to meet his parents and this could go one of two ways. A lot of brain power is being exerted this week.

Ben does in fact take Emily to his house and to meet his family. He seems to like putting parents on the spot to make decisions about the twins. Emily sits down with Ben’s mom and rambles on about how she thinks she will make ‘an-above average wife and mother’, she’s been average at everything in her life, and her goal is to be an NFL cheerleader. So all things a mom wants to hear about a potential daughter-in-law.

Ben tells his dad about how Emily is different now that Haley is gone-though he never says anything specific about her personality. Emily gives the same type of rambling speech to Ben’s dad before his parents sit down with Ben and say, No. Well actually his mom cried, and not in a good way. They don’t think Emily is ready for marriage or cares about Ben’s goals and dreams. Ben takes Emily back to the dock and right outside the window to the girls house, he dumps her.

Going into the rose ceremony, Amanda has a rose and everyone else is nervous. Chris has to go find Ben who is very upset and nervous about his decision. Chris seemingly tries to give Ben an out to keep them all but Ben says he knows who he has to say goodbye to. Calia, Lauren, and JoJo get roses and Becca is sent home. And Becca is pissed. She drops Ben’s hand and tells him that he promised not to blindside her. He tells her that he didn’t know until a few minutes ago that he was sending her home, very reassuring for the other ladies. And Becca asks herself a really valid question-why does she keep doing this to herself.

Next week, hometowns!



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