Journey of a Non-Runner: Week 2

I am so excited to finally say that I’ve completed week 2 of the Couch to 5k Training Plan! After a great start in week 1, Mother Nature has not been on my side. The week after we were hit with snow and temps in the teens and low twenties. I had made the decision not to run in any temperature below 25 degrees, so it was a no go. But I was determined to get back at it this past week.

Not only was I facing the daunting task of returning to running after a layoff but I also lost my partner. Shelly is gone to Florida for the rest of the month, I’m super jealous, so I had to go it solo. I began on Tuesday, all bundled up for the 30 degree temperatures. There was a fair amount of snow left on my usual path so I had to get creative which left me running mostly through the parking lot. I did learn the dynamics of uphill vs. downhill running. Uphill is tough but downhill is a nice break. 

The toughest part is for me is building stamina. I get winded really easily, especially in colder temperatures. Wednesday, my second day of training this week, I ended up running in freezing rain which was not fun. But I completed another week. I missed my running buddy but I also found the pride in getting support from others. I got a thumbs up during my run and a coworker commented on my dedication. That really helps keep me moving. 

Also, a great playlist is key. Old school Shania Twain has helped me a ton for week 2. I’m very nervous to make the jump to week 3 which consists of walking 90 seconds, running 90 seconds, walking 3 minutes, running 3 minutes (then repeat). It seems like a big jump, but I’m determined now. I can do this! 5k here I come.


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