Stitch Fix Review #6

Another month, another Stitch Fix! And man did my stylist Ali kill it this time around. I’ve read so many Stitch Fix blogs in which they reference keeping all the items, and I’ve always said that I would never be that girl. I can’t afford that and I’m picky enough that not everything would be something I had to have. Well, never say never because I think I’m keeping all 5 items. 

I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. Quick rundown on Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a styling service, for $20 you will receive five hand-picked items. You pay for what you want to keep and return what you don’t. The $20 goes towards any items you purchase, and if you purchase all five pieces you get a 25% discount. Your stylist picks your items based on a style profile that you fill out and if you choose, you can set up a Pinterest board that they can view as well. And you can write a note requesting items or trends. You can choose to get a box once, monthly, no-monthly basically as often as you’d like.

Ok, this month I am heading to a concert (Houndmouth in Lexington, with my girls, I am so excited) so I asked for something to wear to that. In that same theme, I asked for some things I could wear to date night or out with the girls. I have been mainly getting work clothes which is great and is why I got Stitch Fix in the first place. But I was ready to switch it up. Ok, here is what I got!



Papermoon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse-$44

I was super excited when I pulled this out of my box. I love scallop details and I had pinned this on my Pinterest board. Ali sent me this for my concert and it is perfect. The back detail is super cute, I was worried about hiding my bra (and it is peeking out a bit in the picture) but the back can be pulled up to cover it which is great. There are two layers of scallops in the front which is an adorable detail. This is perfect for going out, as a casual spring top and I could even pair it with a blazer and wear it to the office. It’s perfection, I’m keeping it, you’ll have to pry it from my hands. 

 Pixley Alicia Printed Pencil Skirt-$48

Everyone say hi to Sadie who crashed the picture! Ok so if there is one item that I’m not crazy in love with, it’s this skirt. I love a good pencil skirt but the fabric has no structure and the print is too loud for work (which is where I wear all my pencil skirts). The skirt is actually longer, I rolled it up a bit for the picture and paired it with the scalloped blouse. It’s not bad but it doesn’t ‘wow’ me. I may keep it just to get the 25% discount, I can’t believe I just said that. 

 Dex Ramuz Lace Back Blouse-$54

This shirt is absolutely adorable. I love the pink print and the zipper in the front. And the lace in the back is just the icing on the cake. It would be great with leggings and some booties or with a skirt. My only complaint is that it’s a little big, it is cut that way but I’d rather it more fitted. It’s a keeper.


Adrianna Papell Kalla Dress-$118

This time we have an appearance from my dog Riley! Ali really threw me with this dress. I had pinned it but never expected to get it. It’s perfect. I am in love with the cobalt blue color, the sheen on the dress, the ruching and the structure. It’s very flattering and perfect for special occasions and the office. The price is super steep but I’m in love with it.

 Bay to Baubles Abigail Gemstone Stud Earrings-$28

I’ve been waiting for a great jewelery piece from Stitch Fix for months. These are just what I was looking for. Very classy but not over the top. These can dress an outfit up for work or be the perfect edition for a special occasion. 
I am over the moon with this Fix. Ali outdid herself. I love it all minus the skirt. And so I really might keep it all! It is cheaper to keep the skirt and get the 25% discount rather than send it back. I’m sure I can find a place to wear it.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix then you can sign up for your own here: (And I’ll get a credit) 😊



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