Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)


I am so glad that I got around to reading one of Mindy Kaling’s books. I absolutely loved her work on The Office, both as a writer and an actor and she is currently killing it on her own show, The Mindy Project.This book chronicles Kaling’s own experiences from childhood, to her work on The Office and everything in between.

Her voice really comes through in her writing and it is hilarious to read as well as really relatable. It is so refreshing to read about a successful celebrity that didn’t have it all figured out at age 21 and who also isn’t a size 0. I related to her adolescent insecurities and her anxieties about making it in the real world. Her book jumps around and chapters are short which keep the reader interested. It is also a very quick read, I tore through this in a day.

After reading this book, I will definitely be reading more of Mindy’s work in the future, including her newest book, Why Not Me? She has a unique and hilarious voice and she could make the phone book entertaining. I just want more from her. I wish I could sit in a room and ask her a million questions about her career, she is a truly fascinating woman.


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