Journey of a Non-Runner: Week 5 (ish)

It has now been 5 weeks since I began the C25k training plan and I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far. It hasn’t been easy but I feel very accomplished with the progress I have made.

This week the training was different for everyday of the week, which was new to the plan. For the past 5 weeks the workout for each week is the same for all three days. I’ve liked to be able to measure my progress throughout the week by working in the same workout. But clearly they decided it was time to step it up.

Day 1 of week 5 consisted of jogging 5 minutes, walking 3, jogging 5, walking 3, jogging 5. This wasn’t too tough, it was nice to feel like I had this handled. Day 2 had a distance option, you could jog 3/4 a mile or 8 minutes, walk 1/2 a mile or 5 minutes, then jog 3/4 a mile or 8 minutes. It was easier to track the time so see stayed with that process. Jogging the 8 minutes was a lot harder. Both Shelly and I struggled with that. It was a 3 minute increase from the longest time frame that we had jogged without a walk break.

Because day 2 was so tough we were skeptical about day 3, jog for 20 minutes straight. That was longer than we had ever jogged all at once and with breaks in between. We decided not to attempt it, instead we compromised with jogging 10, walking 5, jogging 10. This would give us the full timeframe but not all at once.

It was my turn to be the cheerleader, on our second 10 minute set, Shelly stopped. She was having a really hard time breathing, I was able to play some Luke Bryan and talk to her to distract her from the strain the run was putting in her lungs. We were able to finish, which felt like the biggest accomlishment yet! We plan on tackling the 20 minute straight jog for our first day next week.

I finished my last run at the Kentucky Horse Park. I will miss it dearly. There was no better place to run on my lunch breaks. With a scenic pond, and pastures full of horses, there is no where prettier to excercise at. I will now have to find somewhere else to run and another time of day to run at but I will, I’m committed now and I can’t quit until I can run a full 5k.



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