Stitch Fix Review 7

What is the best medicine for a new move and new job? A Stitch Fix delivery of course! Of course the new move and new job leaves me without too much money but more on that later. My seventh fix was delivered to my new apartment yesterday and it was great to recieve a package from my spirit stylist, Ali. 

Before I get too far ahead-Stitch Fix is a stylist service which a personal stylist picks out 5 items for you based on a style profile you fill out and you can also link to a Pinterest board. You also write a note asking for items that you’d like. When you recieve the package you can try on the items and keep what you like, send back what what you don’t in a bag that is provided to you. The styling fee is $20 but that goes towards any items you decide to keep. You can do it once or set it up monthly or bi-monthly etc. 

For this fix I asked for work clothes. My new job at Keeneland is a step up in work attire, I mean it is Keeneland! So I wanted some nicer pieces to upgrade my wardrobe for work. Stitch Fix just added shoes too so I really wanted to try a pair of shoes too. Let’s see what Ali sent!


Skies are Blue Capaldi Surplice Cross Front Fitted Knit Top-$54

I really like the bright fuchsia color and this is a great work blouse for under a blazer or on its own. Also the right side of the collar is textured which is really cute. But the left part of the wrap lays really weird. I couldn’t get over the weird look of it so I returned this.

Alicia Blue Anchal Crew Neck Blouse-$44

I do love the sky blue color but I am not feeling this ruffle. I’m not a ruffle person, too girly for me. But I could handle the one ruffle if it didn’t completely unflatter me. It makes me look like a balloon. It does look nice with a blazer over it (see below) but I’m not feeling it on by itself so this was returned.

41Hawthorn Lanza Scallop Blazer-$84

I think I’ve pinned this blazer a dozen times, and an identical blazer has sat on my ModCloth wish list for years. Ali said she sent this to me after I loved the scalloped blouse in my lists fix so much. I’m a sucker for scallops, such a sucker. I was looking to add another blazer to my wardrobe and this couldn’t be more perfect. It can class up a blouse and pants or be thrown on over a dress. It’s unique and different which everything I want in fashion. Yes, this was 100% a keeper.

Alice Blue Lynna Knit Dress-$74

I wanted dresses I could wear to the spring meet at Keeneland when I work it starting next week, and this is perfect. The dress is classy and cute, it fits the bill for a Keeneland dress and it appropriate for work. The cut is very figure flattering and I love the stripe pattern. I was ready to put this in my closet but, the new apartment and all the new bills have me on a budget, and for Christmas I received a Kate Spade dress that is almost identical. I can’t justify having them both so sadly this went back. Still love it though.

FFC New York Brooke Two-Tone Flats-$39

I was super excited when I saw that Stitch Fix added shoes to their inventory. I love shoes and was really excited to give them a try. I primarily wear flats to work (except the rare days I get brave and wear heels) and I can’t get enough of them. I really love these shoes. The turquoise color paired with the brown is very unique and I love the color combo. The pointed toe gives them a more formal look which is really good, most of my flats are round toe. They are also really comfortable and surprisingly the price was great! These will get worn all the time so I kept them!

Ali did amazing once again, I think finding a stylist you like and sticking with them is the way to go. I think she learns about me more every time and each doc gets better. She even asked me in her note what I wore to a concert last month (which I referenced in my note to her, that I was looking for something to wear to it), I thought that was so cool that she remembered that and added it in her note. It lets me know that she is invested in me. She always sends me at least one item from my Pinterest board and listens to my feedback. 

Unfortunately, with all my life changes it has come into question if I can afford doing this every month. I love Stitch Fix but the clothes aren’t cheap, the $20 discount/25% off -(only if you buy all 5 items) still don’t take away the fact that it’s very pricy. I pay considerably less for my other clothes than I do with Stitch Fix. 

But I do enjoy receiving the pieces and I love blogging about them. So I set a compromise-I am backing up to only receiving a fix every other month instead of every month. I can still enjoy Stitch Fix but I can space out the expense and spend less by getting them less frequently. And that will start after next month because I am getting a fix for my birthday 🙂 

The one other way to get a discount is receiving referral credit. It someone uses my referral link and signs up for Stitch Fix then I get $25 of credit. So if you’d like to try Stitch Fix, I’d love it if you’d use my referral link.

Until next time!



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