Stitch Fix Review #8

Many things have happened since my blogging hiatus, lots of adulting and equine related things and I also received another Stitch Fix delivery.

Confession time, I did say in my last Stitch Fix review that I was scaling back to every other month…but I haven’t. My rationalization for this fix is it just happened to be scheduled for my birthday and what better of a present? Judge me all you want.

So quick recap of Stitch Fix: it’s a styling service where a stylist hand picks 5 items to send you based on an extensive style profile and a Pinterest board that you provide as well as feedback from each fix. The cost is $20 to send you the items but anything you keep, that $20 goes towards the price of the items. You can do this month’s, bi-monthly, weekly etc. as much or as little as you want! 

So for this month’s shipment I asked for some fun summer tips I could wear out, another pair of shoes since I loved the ones I was sent last month, and something for work like a dress or blazer. Here is what I received:

Picket Stacey Scallop Hem Cut-Out Detail Skirt-$64

My boyfriend is really getting into photographing me for the blog so he was trying to make me pose, so sorry for the overly sassy attitude. You can’t see it very well in the picture but this navy skirt had laser cut outs and a scallop hem at the bottom. I love laser cut outs and scallops so I was easily sold. I also pinned this skirt on Pinterest and I’m so happy Ali sent it. I love the red waistband it’s a great contrast to the navy skirt. I wore this to work the very next day, of course this was a keeper.

Pixley Ashlend Knit Dress-$74
I was happy Ali sent me a dress, when I received this fix I was still in the middle of the Keeneland Spring Meet where I wore a skirt or dress everyday. So I’ll take as many as I can get! I really like the floral pattern with the navy stripes, it’s different but the mixing patterns work well together. I I also like the “v” shape in the back. I liked this dress but I wasn’t sold on it. I ended up going shopping and getting a different dress for an event and decided that was a sign to send this back. Nothing totally wrong with it, just wasn’t a total win.

Nine West Orlagh D’Orsay Flats- $89

I loved the flats Ali sent last time so I was very excited to see another pair in this fix. I love the bright colors and snakeskin pattern and the delicate cutouts on the sides of these shoes. As much as I liked them, when I thought about it I realized that I didn’t have enough color in my work wardrobe to wear them very often, then I looked at the price and knew they weren’t worth it, so these were returned.

Brixton Ivy Canelo Embroidery Detail Blouse – $58

Ok, so there is some very pretty embroidery on this blouse and I’ve been pinning a ton of embroidery lately. And it’s cute but there is an attached “under cami” that killed this for me. The cami is made of the same see-through material as the the top of the blouse so I don’t see its purpose and it’s difficult to put the cami and short on and take them off. I was so nervous trying this on that I was going to rip it or put my head through an arm hole so I couldn’t keep this.

41Hawthorne Benson 3/4 Ruches Sleeve Blazer – $78

I look so happy in this picture….thanks Anthony! Anyway, I love a good blazer and I am really into gray Blazers right now. Which is why I bought a blazer very similar to this like 3 weeks ago at Target for $30. So I knew immediately I wouldn’t keep this but I also am not a fan of 3/4 sleeves and as you can see it is right around my chest (big boob problems) and knowing I paid $30 for almost the exact same thing is a bit infuriating.

Though I only kept one thing from this fix, I did really enjoy it. Every fix from my stylist Ali gets better and better. I’m also becoming pickier, these clothes are expensive so I only want to keep items that I really love and know I’ll get a lot of use from them. 

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix you can use my referral link! I’ll get a small credit and I’d be very thankful.

Until Next Time,




  1. Loved seeing your fix, that scallop skirt was gorgeous on you! May I ask how tall you are? You look about my height 5’0 and I love where that skirt hem fell on you, it elongates your legs.



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