Book Review: Never Let Me Go


I’ve finally returned to a somewhat normal reading schedule after the Keeneland Spring Meet ended. I am very glad to get my reading time back, I’ve missed it so much not to mention my ‘to read’ list keeps growing and I haven’t been actually reading anything for awhile. My review below will contain spoilers, so be warned! If you would like my review of this book without spoilers, you can check me out on Goodreads. I try to never post spoilers in those reviews. Also, if you are on Litsy a new book lovers social app, add me at laurenmagoo!

Ok, onto my review of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.

This book hit me right in the feels. I haven’t gotten this emotional over a book in awhile, and that can be credited to Ishiguro’s hauntingly beautiful but devastating writing. There is an eerie simplistic quietness to his descriptions that makes the reader aware that there is something not right with this world even on the first page.

Never Let Me Go centers around three friends: Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy. The book is told from Kathy’s perspective. Broken into three parts, we see these characters grow up at school, leave school as young adults, and move on as adults. As children they attend a prestigious private school centered on creativty. There is a love triangle present between Kathy, Ruth and Tommy that blows up their relationship. But their destinies bring them back together in the end.

They are all clones, and their existance is only to donate their organs to non-clones when they grow up. They donate until they die. This brings in a sci-fi, dystopian type drama but the writing and the story feel so realistic. We never get a concrete answer on how this came about or why-just a vague sentance about WW2. I liked that because the focus is not on the horrors of a society that creates people just to be used until death, the focus is on the very human characters and the devasting truth about their lives.

Ishiguro gives each of them flaws, and rounds them out beautifully to show just how human they really are in a society that looks at them as inhuman. When they realize their worth in the world, as a reader you are horrifyed and devasted for them.

The “love triangle” didn’t fully hit for me as a reader. There were small signs and instances but I don’t think that storyline was fully fleshed out. I also felt that the beginning was a bit slow and tough to keep my attention. I wanted more plot and movement earlier on. But this book really captivated me and left me emotional and speechless.



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