Journey of a Non-Runner: Week 1 (Again)

Well this is a sort of good news/bad news scenario. And it is always better to start with the bad news, so here it goes: I dropped off of my 5k training around week 6. Everything was going wonderfully, and then my life changed. I got a new job and I moved into my apartment and then I was thrown in head first to the 2016 Spring Meet at Keeneland. I know, I know: excuses are excuses. And I can’t lie, I am sure I could have found a way to keep up with my training. I lost my lunchtime running route and buddy, but I gained a gym. I could have woken up early or gone to the gym after I got off of work on my lighter days, but I didn’t. I don’t like to admit to giving up, but I guess in a way I did.

But with bad news, comes the good news. I’m back at it again. I officially restarted the C25K plan last week. I was trying to decide if I should start over or continue where I left off. It became clear to me that I was not in the shape that I was when I stopped my training and I wasn’t sure how to judge what level I was really at, so I made the decision to start over. It was tough to practically erase the progress that I had made but I told myself that the good news is, I know I can do this, I already have.

The schedule and landscape of my running routine has changed. I no longer can run on my lunch break through the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park. For the time being I am running at the gym in my apartment complex, though I would like to find an outdoor venue to run in while the weather is nice. I am running after work which is definitely an adjustment. Running on my lunch break was great because I was already at work, I was active and productive and running was a great break from my desk. I have a tendency to want to crash on the couch when I get home from work, so I really have to push myself to stay motivated.

I have also added some new “tools” to help me throughout this process. For my birthday, I received a Fitbit Alta which is a great alternative to tracking my exercises through my iPhone. Shelly, my running partner, got me an armband to hold my phone while I run which I desperately needed. Finally, I got new shoes. My Nike Free Runs have worn out terribly, the soles are not safe to run on. This past weekend I found a pair of Nike Free Distances that were cute and comfy, so I’m fully back in action.

To further push my motivation I signed up for more races. The other reason I dropped off of training was that unfortunately the two races I had signed up for, I couldn’t run because of my new job. It was disheartening to work for something that I couldn’t see through to the end. I gave up my registration to the Rolex 5K and the Cincinnati Beer Run to friends and was a touch bitter when I heard about how much fun they had. But on June 18, I will be running the BeerFit Mile in Louisville, Kentucky with my friend Jackie. It’s only a mile but my goal is to run the whole mile, which I think I can do by then. Then on August 6, Jackie and my friend Jen and I will do the Color Run 5K in Cincinnati. I’ve wanted to do the Color Run for so long, I think it is the perfect goal 5K. In September I will be doing the night time Cincinnati Beer Run though I will be walking. Setting these races up has given me specific, reachable goals that help drive me to run.

I want to thank everyone who has left me encouragement on this blog, it helps me so much to feel like that I have people rooting for me. I haven’t given up and I know that I will do this. I would love to get feedback on what you listen to when you run, I have found podcasts to be extremely helpful. Music kind of zones me out, but listening to a conversation helps me focus on something other than running. I’ve been thinking of trying audio books too. Let me know what you listen to when you run in the comments!




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