Stitch Fix Review #9

It’s that time of the month again (the good time not the bad time)! My Stitch Fix arrived this week which always puts a smile on my face, of course. This week we have a guest photographer, my running buddy, IHSA survivor companion, and fellow Lexingtonian: Shelly Nelson! Thank you Shelly for doing this and not being weirded out by taking pictures of me trying on clothes!

But before we get there, here is the low down on Stitch Fix: 

Stitch Fix is a styling service. For a $20 fee you will be sent a box of five clothing/shoes/accessories all hand-picked out by a stylist just for you. They decide what to send you based on an extensive style profile which you create, a note that you provide to your stylist and you also have the option to link to a Pinterest board with styles that you like. You can try on the clothes decide what you like, pay for it, then send back what you don’t want. And your $20 fee goes toward the final price of what you do keep. You can do this once, biweekly, monthly etc. as much or as little as you’d like. If you want to try Stitch Fix, you can go here, (note: this is a referral link so if you sign up through it, I will get a small credit). 

Ok, onto it! This month I asked my stylist Ali for some shorts for summer (I never have enough shorts), an accessory and a cobalt blue dress for an upcoming wedding in which I will be the maid of honor. Here we go!

Collective Concepts Arvella Dress-$78

I am so excited to be the maid of honor in my friend Jackie’s wedding in the fall! She has decided to let us all pick out our own dresses, they just have to be cobalt blue and short. So I put this forward as a challenge to Ali and this is what she sent. The dress is pretty, it has a great texture and shine and I do like the sleeves. But this wasn’t quite dressy enough for a wedding in my opinion. And it didn’t have any structure so my pooch stuck out badly in this dress. I liked the dress, but not for the wedding so I sent it back.

Bay to Baubles Mitzi Leaf Pendant Lariat Necklace-$28

I wore this necklace in the first picture with the dress, and here is an up close shot. One thing I just can’t seem to get right out of Stitch Fix is jewelry. I have one pair of earrings that I kept once but otherwise the jewelry has fallen flat for me. I like the length of this necklace and the lariat style but the chain and pendant seem cheap and very undetailed. I was not impressed at all. I have a gold feather necklace from Fossil that honestly puts this one to shame. I think it was a good concept but not good craftsmanship. This obviously went back.

Le Lis Truxton Embellishment Crew Neck Blouse-$48

I paired this too with my skirt from the last fix because I’m still so in love with it 😍😍. I believe I pinned this top on Pinterest. I love the floral print and the embellishment on the collar.It was a little loose for me, I wish it had been more form fitting. I almost sent this back b cause I have a navy floral top that’s similar but trying it on with this skirt made me really want to keep it and I rationalized that I would wear this to work a ton. So this became a keeper.

Loveappella Kennah Lace Inset Knit Top-$48

I love tops like this because I can dress them up or down. I can easily wear this to work with some slacks and flats or throw it on with jeans for the weekend. I Ana sucker for lace details and I love yellow for summer. I don’t have enough yellow so I grab it when I can! Like the last top ithoufht this one was too big and loose, I feel bigger in it than I am. But the versatility and details on this led me to keep it.

Eden Society Chelsie Crochet Shorts-$58

And finally, the shorts I requested! I was so excited when I pulled these out, the details were beautiful and they were different. I thought I’d get run of the mill denim but these are so cute! Then, I put them on and sadly they don’t fit. While I can get them on, buttoning and zipping is a struggle-that are just slightly too small. I’m super bummed because I think they are so adorable and I’d get a lot of use out of them. But if they don’t fit, they gotta go back.

I enjoyed my fix this month, though it didn’t knock my socks off like previous ones have. But that’s ok, they can’t all be amazing, then I’d be broke! I asked Ali to try shorts again for next time and for another dress for the wedding. She said they have a lot of dresses in that color right now so I’m hopeful for next month! Until next time 🙂



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