Journey of a Non-Runner: Week 2 (Take 2)

I’m still on the wagon!! I have officially finished my second week of the Couch to 5K program, keeping me on track. I have to say, this week reminded me that running can be enjoyable and kind of addictive. 

I thought about my runs a lot this week while at work (being stuck in a 10 hour OSHA class didn’t help) and doing errands. I ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday-also reaching my 10k step goal on those days. Day 1 was hard, Day 2 was a struggle and Day 3 was easy. That’s the pattern I seem to get into with this program. The first day challenges my stamina, the second really requires me to push, but by the third day I feel like I’m over the hump. I love it because I can see the progress through the week and I know I’m getting better.

All my workouts have been on a treadmill which is different from running outside. For one, I physically set the pace. Usually I warm up on 3.0, run between 5.0-5.5, do my walk breaks at 3.5-4.0 and cool down at 3.0-3.5. I’ve also added the incline. I realize that running on the flat treadmill won’t help me during a race on the road with hills so I’m slowly pushing my incline. Last week I did my work out at 1.0 and this week I bumped to 1.5. Baby steps I know but I also done expect to run huge steep hills so I think doing this gradually will help.

I do miss running outside, especially now that the weather is nice. My goal this weekend is to find a good park that I can ran at when I don’t want to hit the gym. I usually do a cool down walk through my apartment complex, which is nice but just not the same. 

I am getting excited again about this. I really like challenging myself and working towards this goal. I can’t wait to be in better shape and to be able to say that I can run 3.1 miles. I’ll get there, I know it!




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