Journey of a Non-Runner: Week 4

Well after speeding through Week 3 of the C25k training plan, I slowly made my way through week 4. I don’t fully remember how I felt during week 4 the first time around but I can tell you that this is where it starts getting hard for me.  On Day 1, I was so close to stopping. My badass partner Shelly had to push me to keep going, I thought I might throw up. Day 2 was just as tough and Day 3 was slightly better but still rough. 

Week 4 consists of: running 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run 5 minutes, walk 2.5 minutes and repeat. Typing it out doesn’t seem like much but 5 minutes feels like eternity when you are running. And 90 seconds of walking just flys by. I am also really sore in my shins. I had to cut the incline down on the treadmill because of the pain. Maybe I need to stretch? This is the point where part of me really wants to quit, it’s hard. I’m getting worn down and sweaty and sore. It’s times like this where I don’t want to do this.

So I need some extra motivation this week. Next weekend is the Beer Mile in Louisville. I had planned on running the whole thing, it’s only a mile but that would be a good start for me. I’m trying to use the upcoming event as motivation but this is definitely difficult. I’m also going to reward myself for running. This weekend it’s supposed to be super hot, so my plan is to hang by the pool. But before I hit the pool, I’m hitting the gym. Hopefully the promise of pool time will help push me forward.

Wish me luck!



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