The Bachelorette Recap Episode 4: Not so Naked but Very Afraid 

We are back for night two of The Bachelorette this week! I don’t know if I can handle “double the drama” but we are going to try. 

We pick up where we left off, Chad has been reprimanded by Chris and told to fix the issues in the house. Chad responds by saying he wants to rip off everyone’s arms and legs, so he’s taking this well. When he goes back into the house he tries to smooth things over by saying he doesn’t know what their deal is but he’s not aggressive. He says he will give Evan $20 for his shirt but it’s his fault because he pushed him first. JoJo shows up in time for the pool party and unfortunately for Chad, JoJo is in a bikini.

Everyone is having a great time until Evan gets a bloody nose. Did Chad punch him? No. Evan gets bloody noses by breathing apparently. Thanks producers. When JoJo talks to Derek she asks about Chad and he tells her about the security guard and that Chad is scaring everyone. Well of course “Brotein” himself is lurking around and hears the conversation. He wastes no time calling out Derek saying “whoever stole his girlfriend, it wasn’t him”. We are being super mature here. 

But Chad hasn’t punched anyone yet so he sticks around through the Rose ceremony. Nick, Christian and Ali are sent packing. It’s time to leave the mansion, JoJo wants to leave the location a suprise. 

The guys are headed to Pennsylvania? But it’s dressed up like the Alasksan wilderness, complete with secluded cabins for the guys. Luke gets the one-on-one date, which begins with a dog sled without snow. Luke chops wood for a wood powered hot tub then when JoJo tries to get in it’s too hot. Go figure. They have a good date and he gets the Rose. Luke is in this for the long haul.

The group date card includes everyone but Chad and Alex so  we have an explosive two on one planned. Jordan says this is for America. Maybe so.

The group date takes place at Pittsburgh Steelers stadium Heinz Field with Big Ben, Hines Ward and another ex-player. The boys have to play each other in football and Jordan is kind of good at this, believe it or not. James T gets injured and needs stitches but still pushes through to play. At the after party JoJo is worried that Jordan is too good to be true. She pushes for validation and gets it, which always ends well in her case. He gets the Rose.

Finally, the two in one that we’ve been waiting for. Alex prepares by putting on American flag socks, he’s taking this metaphor a bit too far. When Chad hears the guys discussing the date, he takes the opportunity to threaten to find Jordan and hurt him after the show. So he is obviously learning to handle his feelings better.

The date takes the three of them in the wilderness where Alex wields a hatchet and Chad has a machete. Good move there. On Alex’s one on one find he tells her that Chad threatened Jordan. That finally wakes JoJo up, no one messes with her front runner. 

She confronts Chad but he doesn’t back down. It’s their problem, not his. She says she has to think about things but ultimately she cuts him loose. But if we think Chad is done, we are mistaken. He ends up back at the boys cabin, full of rage. And we are left on a cliffhanger.

Until Next Time


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