Book Review: The Last September

I am way behind on posting book reviews, so get ready for an unloading of reviews. Do you ever find yourself rushing through  books to try and make a dent in your “want to read list?” I feel like that is all I’ve been doing lately. There are so many books I want to read and just not enough time to read them all. It’s very frustrating, yes I know, first world problems.

I was excited to read The Last September which seemed like a good twisty, summer thriller. It wasn’t anything like I expected, but I ended up really enjoying this book.

This novel follows Brett, a young bride, and her relationship with her husband Charlie and his brother Eli. Eli suffers from schizophrenia and Brett begins to worry about the safety of her infant daughter. One night when Eli visits Charlie, he turns up dead. Eli is the obvious suspect but he has vanished. 

I expected this book to be centered around the investigation of Charlie’s murder. But the story dives deep into Brett’s relationship with the men of the story: Eli, Charlie, Ladd, and Daniel. And about reckless love.

Brett falls in love with Charlie almost instantly. It’s a young, puppy love but it doesn’t fade. Years after meeting him she throws away a perfectly plotted life at the chance of being with him. 

Brett and Eli were best friends in college, she is present during his first psychotic break. She has a love for him as well, and she had to balance that with the fear of his disease.

Ladd and Daniel are symbols of what her life could have been. She untangles herself from that world and then re-enters it when she had no where else to go.

I thought the characters were really well conceived and very interesting. I wanted there to be more about schizophrenia, I wanted to know how long Eli had it and why he goes off his medication etc.

The book was not the page turning thriller I was expecting but I really enjoyed being pulled into this world.


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