Book Review: Shrill, Notes From A Loud Woman

I finally was able to crack into my Book of the Month books! *Quick BOTM Plug* So this is my first month trying out the Book of the Month Club. I heard it as a sponsor many times on Book Riot podcasts so it piqued my interest. And I’m amazed I hadn’t found it yet. So on the first day of the month the selections are posted. The selections are picked by 5 judges. They have regulars and guest judges (for example: Roxane Gay, Josh Radnor). You pick which book you want and it will be sent out on the 7th. And if you’re like me and can’t pick just one, you can add on books for $9.95 each which is crazy for hardcovers. I’m very impressed and will continue to Use it.

Ok onto Shrill! I have heard so many good things about this book that I couldn’t wait to get to get my hands on it. Shrill is filled with essays on fat shaming, online trolling, abortion, feminism and more. She is an outspoken columnist of Jezebel who deals with a ton of online hate. I don’t know how she handles the brutal insults they hurl at her.

Lindy is a bigger woman, and she deals with fat shaming while putting it down. She explains the treatment because of her weight and you want to hit these horrible people. Lindy shines a light on how cruel people can be while hiding behind a screen.

Lindy also gets personal when discussing her abortion. She is not ashamed of it and   She is happy with her choice.

This just scratches the surface of Shrill. Lindy expertly invokes thought on how women are treated in society, especially on the Internet. I think her online troll stories should be read by everyone who spends a few hours on the Internet.

Amazing book, 5 Stars.


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