Stitch Fix Review #10

It’s that time again, my Stitch Fix came yesterday and as usual I was pretty excited. But before I get into it, a quick recap on Stitch Fix: Stitch Fix is a styling service. You pay a $20 fee and a stylist hand picks 5 items based on extensive style profile you fill out, a note you leave your stylist detailing what you’d like and the option to link to a Pinterest board of items. When you recieve your items you have 3 days to try the items on and decide what you like. Keep and pay for what you like and send back what you don’t for free. The $20 fee will go towards any items you end up keeping, and if you keep all 5, you’ll get a 25% discount. You can get a shipment as often as you’d like, I get mine sent monthly. If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix you can do so here:  

This is a referral link, if you sign up I will get a credit. Just so you’re aware.

Ok into my shipment. This time around I asked for shorts (the ones that were sent last month were great they just didn’t fit), another blue dress to try for my friend’s wedding, a skirt for work, loafers, and possibly a shirt from my Pinterest board, they had a ton of really cute shirts.

Well the first thing I do when I recieve my box is read my note that the stylist wrote me detailing what was sent. And the first line shocked me, my stylist Ali no longer worked at Stitch Fix. This bummed me out big time, I felt like Ali really clicked with me and my style. And our notes became personal, she knew about my new job, my birthday, the wedding I was going to be in etc. It sounds crazy but she felt like a friend. So that was upsetting. My new stylist Cheryl wrote me a pretty generic note about keeping cool this summer and that they didn’t have any shorts in my size. So I didn’t know what to expect in my items.

Here we go:

Collective Concepts Rover Zip Back Racerback Blouse -$58

Well first off, unfortunately my photographers weren’t available. I don’t see Anthony until Saturday and Shelly is traveling for work so I had to make due with myself. So sorry for the bad bathroom mirror selfies.

Ok, so this blouse is a paisley print. I’m not against paisley, but I like it in small doses or in a modern design. This feels very 70s to me. Also I didn’t like the colors. The tan and olive tones look ugly and give it kind of a drab look. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but the shirt is also see-through. I hate that because then I have to wear a cami underneath and that just gets annoying. The cut of the shirt is very boxy and it makes me look bigger than I am. I was not a fan of this shirt at all. So Cheryl didn’t start out on a good note.

Colette Leanor Lace Turtle Neck Knit Top-$54

When I first saw this in the box, I was excited because I assumed it was the blue dress that I asked for, since it is the correct color I need for this upcoming wedding I am in. But no it was this shirt. I love the color and I love the lace detail. But I don’t like turtle necks, and this isn’t even a real turtle neck so it’s kind of awkward. The shirt is also very similar to the yellow lace top I kept from my last fix-same material, and lace detail. This wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great so I sent this back.

Papermoon Bailey Printed Swing Skirt – $68

Cheryl did send me a skirt which was in my note, the only thing that was sent that I asked for. I was happy that this was a swing skirt. I live pencil skirts but I wanted to branch out with a different style. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pattern. I like a black and white pattern, goes well with bright colored tops which I have a lot of. But the geometric shapes and style just wasn’t my thing. The material was also heavy and textured-definitely didn’t seem like the summer fun skirt I was looking for. I sent this back too.

Skies are Blue Burford Woven Placket Knit Top – $48

I’m a huge fan of stripes so I really liked this shirt. The contrasting stripes on the front are very different, I’ve never seen anything like this but I really liked it. I love a button down but usually I can’t wear them because of my large chest but this had plenty of room. While it had room in the chest it was fitted on my body which I loved because it didn’t make me look bigger than I already am, which is a huge complaint I have with s lot of “flowy” blouses. I really like this shirt and I know I will get a lot of use out of it. This was a keeper.

Skies are Blue Cipriano Back Strap Detail Top – $48

The last item in my box was adorable with a big “but”. I loved the pattern in this and the colors. And the details were exactly what I wanted when I stress that I love details. The rope detail straps, the open back detail.!This shirt screams summer. I could see myself wearing this to festivals, bonfires etc. Well I pulled the top on, and the material was extremely tight across my chest, so tight that I couldn’t really breathe. I felt like I had put in a children’s shirt. The worst part was getting it off. It took me 25 minutes to figure out how to get it off without ripping it. I was convinced I was going to rip it. I was going through scenarios in my head, like would I get charged if I ripped the shirt? So obviously I didn’t put it on again to get a picture. I was very bummed that this shirt wasn’t going to work.

So overall I was pretty dissapointed with this fix. I of course was not happy that Ali quit and I had to get a new stylist. I do think that it really helps get better shipments when you stick with one stylist and they get to know you, the fixes get better each time. So starting over is frustrating. I know I should go Cheryl the benefit of the doubt, she is brand new to me but I wasn’t happy with it.

I asked for a lot of things in my note and I felt ignored. No shorts, no dress, no shoes and nothing from my Pinterest board. Her note felt generic, like it was pulled directly from one of their blog posts and not personalized to me. 

I felt like I was just shipped a random box of stuff. And it angers me a little because I think for what I pay, I deserve more. What really pissed me off was the last short, the one I almost ripped. It was a large but in the detailed questionnaire my measurements and my bra size is in there. I also have a note in my style profile specifically describing my chest size and how that can be a problem. I just think for the prices of the items, I would expect them to measure the shirt or know it could be an issue since there is no stretch in the material or something before sending it to me. I just think as a subscriber, I deserve a little more attention to detail.

But one bad fix won’t scare me off. I did request a new stylist and hopefully I can find my next Ali. 

Until Next Time,


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