The Bachelorette Recap Episode 6: Don’t Cry for JoJo

Well ABC threw me a bone this week by airing a rerun on July 4th which allows my blog to be almost two weeks late….oops😦. But we are still waiting for episode 7 so I can still recap episode 6, it’s totally fine.

JoJo and her boys landed in Argentina, and guess what? The men don’t understand how to speak Spanish. Oh and also, it’s the perfect place to fall in love 😍. I know right? This week JoJo has a one-on-one date, a group date, and a two-on-one date. This is important because usually you only get one of those a season and we already had the Alex/Chad showdown. 

Wells gets the one-on-one date finally and the date card mentions kissing in Spanish. Why is that? Wells hasn’t kissed JoJo yet and apparently he’s the only one who hasn’t. Cue the eighth grade boys in the room who tease him like its middle school. When JoJo comes to pick him up Chase even slips in a “Are you guys going to kiss?” remark. So mature. 

JoJo and Wells are off to a famous Argentinan show? It’s “performance art” and looks super awkward. Oh and it is. All their interviews focus on if they are going to kiss. The suspense is deafening. They finally do while rolling around in water and JoJo literally throws herself on him. Finally the adorable perfect Wells gets a kiss. All is good, right?

At dinner JoJo of course asks about his ex mostly so she can talk about her ex, Ben. Have you heard of him? Wells explains that he was with his ex for awhile and they just fell out of love. That doesn’t go over well with JoJo. She needs to be adored forever and not have any fear that the magic might wear off. So after kissing Wells, she dumps Wells. As America cries, JoJo attends the weird performance art alone and wonders if she will find her husband, on a show where the goal is to find her husband.

The group date is everyone except for Chase and Derek. And guess what, Chade is taking this two-on-one date very seriously. No laughing Derek. The rest of the guys head out to get cultured by walking down a street with JoJo. In clearly planned endeavor they play soccer with some locals. It turns to a competition that whoever can make a penalty kick past the goalie can kiss JoJo. And no they didn’t ask her.

Robby tries to pay off the goalie. James T is feeling overwhelmed and is the only one who makes the goal. Then they carry JoJo out on their shoulders, like a trophy. At the after party, she makes our with Luke. And James tells her that Jordan cheats at Poker. Jordan says he doesn’t and the James/Jordan bromance has ended. JoJo gives the Rose to Luke because he is less drama.

It’s the two-on-one. Derek and Chade get to tango with JoJo so we can literally see her pulled between two men to drive the metaphor home. Derek is confident, Chase has no emotion. Derek tells her he’s falling for her, which she appreciates. She pushes Chase to say how he feels he gives in and says he is falling for her so giving into pressure gets him the Rose. Poor Derek cries in the limo and is intercut with a rendetion of “Donr cry for me Argentina”. I wish I was kidding.

That leaves the Rose ceremony. It’s down to Alex and James when she runs off because she can’t give out the Rose. So they both go? No. They stay. Alex didn’t want a pity Rose but he isn’t leaving either.

In conclusion we are without the two best guys, Wells and Derek and JoJo likes hyper-masculine men.


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