The Bachelorette Episode 8: I’m your Goocho

Where did the week go you guys? I swear it was just Monday two days ago and here I am scrambling to get last week’s review up before tonight’s episode! I need to be more on it, obviously!

Ok so we are still in Argentina and JoJo has six men- Alex, Chase, James Taylor, Jordan, Luke, and Robby. If she would have gone through with her rose ceremony last week then she’d have five guys but she said she needed more time with Alex and James and couldn’t send one home, we’ll see how that works out for both of them on this episode. 

Road trip date! I guess the Bachelor producers liked when they threw Kaitlyn and Jared in a car and called it a date because they did it again. Alex gets to ride with JoJo to a new location in Argentina while the guys have to ride a bus. The guys wish they were with JoJo but one look at this date and I’d rather be on the bus. 

JoJo has to keep telling Alex to be normal. Apparently normal for him is doing a duck face with Pringles and still getting denied a kiss. They seem super awkward and bored and it’s quite painful to watch. Luckily they arrive at a ranch to be “gauchos” – no not like the pants. They dress Alex up like some sort of mid-century French matador and JoJo can’t resist but call him “little”. Oops. After riding horses poorly, they watch a Horse Whisperer-esque display sans Robert Redford. With the horse laying on the ground they spoon with it and Alex tells JoJo he is her “Goocho”. 

By dinner time, Alex is sure he has this on lock. There isn’t a rose on this date but he so wishes there was because he’d totally get it. Be careful what you wish for bro. JoJo decides that she just doesn’t feel it and finally lets Alex go. But I’m sure he’s glad he got to stay an extra week for this.

Next up is a date with JoJo’s main man Jordan. They get to stomp grapes at a vineyard and drink their feet wine. Yum. But when it’s time to get down to business, Jordan reveals a true game changer. He doesn’t have a relationship with his superstar QB brother Aaron Rogers. Which more importantly means no Olivia Munn! Shots are fired when Jordan claims that he chose to stay close to his family, implying that Aaron didn’t. Ready for that drama!

The next date is supposed to be a group date with Robby, James Taylor and Chase. But it rains and the producers aren’t feeling productive so they have the guys hang with JoJo in her hotel. There they do fun stuff like dare James to stuff as many fries in his mouth as he can and Robby runs down the hall in his underwear. James once again tries to stay relevant by calling out Robby for catcalling women. But JoJo don’t care. That’s enough of that.

Luke and JoJo go on a one-on-one where he gets to be a super cowboy and she still thinks he’s super hot, in case you were worried about that.

In a shock to no one but James Taylor, JoJo skips the cocktail party and sends him home. So we have Chase, Robby Jordan, and Luke going into hometowns.


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