Stitch Fix Review: #11

Whoa, I can’t believe that I’m on my eleventh fix! Man time does fly. I was excited to receive my August shipment a little early, and I was also cautiously optimistic. If you follow my reviews you know that I was very unhappy with my last shipment. 

I first want to take a second to praise the Stitch Fix customer service staff. When you check out you are asked how you enjoyed the fix, if you were satisfied and if you felt like it was customized to you. There is also a comment section. I honestly told them that I wasn’t happy with the new stylist and I didn’t feel like it was customized to me at all. I immediately got the automated “We’re sorry you were disappointed” email, which I had received before. The next day I received a personal email from a customer service rep apologizing about my fix. She also added notes to my profile so to help my stylists in the future and offered to put me with a more experienced stylist. I was very thankful for that and I felt “heard” which in the end, was all I wanted.

So this month I pretty much asked for the same thing as last month because I didn’t get anything I asked for last time. I asked for a cute pair of shorts, a blue dress for a wedding I’m in, a pair of oxfords, and some cute tops from Pinterest.

Well this time around I was given Erin as a stylist and she listened to everything I asked for!

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Unpublished Mary Short – $58

Excuse the pool hair, but it’s summer y’all. I really wanted a pair of cute shorts and two months ago Ali sent me a great pair of white embroidered shorts that were too tight, so this was my next stab at it. I love these shorts! I would have never thought about red shorts before but I love the pop of color! And the embroidery around the bottom is adorable. This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I can wear these to the pool or out with friends, and they will go with a lot of things in my closet (like my Victoria’s Secret rhinestone collar top I paired it with). But. Ugh I hate that word. But they were too small. Again. Like the last pair of shorts, I could get these on but it was a struggle and sitting down wasn’t going to happen. But I loved these so much that I contacted customer service to ask if they had the next size up. They didn’t. So I reluctantly sent them back. But the next day they said a pair came back in stock and they are sending them my way (happy dance!).

Market & Spruce Bruce Double Strap Blouse – $48

I pinned this top on Pinterest and I’m so glad Erin sent it! I love royal blue and white together, I think it’s really classy. And the pattern is really cute. It’s hard to see the details in this picture but there is a button down detail on the front and it has double straps. I love these little details. I was a bit nervous to try it on after my debacle last time with a shirt like this where I couldn’t get it off, but this one fit perfectly. Plenty of room for my chest. I kept this because I felt it was very versatile. I could pair it with shorts, like you see above or wear it with a pencil skirt to work (which I did this week) or use it under a blazer or cardigan. I was very happy with this shirt.

Loveappella Bradli Lace Detail Knit Top – $44

When I first pulled this top out I zeroed in on the rainbow lace. I think that is a beautiful detail, but other than that this top felt very “ehh” to me. The cut of the tank was ok, but the material still shows the lines of my bra, which I find annoying and distracting and it just felt really basic. I think I pinned this too, a case of it looks more interesting in the Internet than in person. I sent this back.

Briton Ivy James Laser Cut Dress- $78

So I had been asking for a royal blue dress for an upcoming wedding and I’d been pinning ones that I came across. I thought this dress was adorable, I love laser cutouts in anything. Erin sent it and I was excited to try it. Until the zipper wouldn’t go up. The dress fit fine but when the zipper got to the part of my back with my chest attached, the zipper said no. Story of my life. I sent it back citing size, and though I didn’t ask for a bigger size, Stitch Fix did offer me one in a bigger size in their note about the shorts which I did appreciate. Just wasn’t a dress built for me.

Seychelles Stray Fringe Detail Loafers – $110

So I’ve been on the hunt for oxfords or loafers for awhile. Working in an office I get tired of flats and heels, my only shoe choices so I wanted to branch out in work-appropriate footwear. I thought these were absolutely adorable. I paired with a menswear style work outfit, which they work great with and they would also look good with a skirt. I was ready to make these babies mine until I saw the price. $110 is pretty steep for these shoes,  I wasn’t ready to make that much of a financial commitment.

I was so much happier with this fix over my last one. Erin listened to my note and sent some great pieces that really matched my style. I also appreciate the Stitch Fix customer service team who reached out to me to help improve my experience. That makes all the difference to the customer. Until next time!


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