The Bachelorette Recap Episode 9: Where is Aaron Rogers?

It’s hometowns!!! The hometown dates on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are traditionally when things start getting “real”. As real as a reality show that’s heavily produced can be of course. It turns contestants with seemingly no flaws, into quickly dumped when their families mess up their image. For example, JoJo’s brothers attacked Ben and seemed creepily close to their sister and her ex tried to creep back in via flowers. The hometown dates can change it all.

First we head to Colorado to see Chase’s family. Chase has no emotion because his parents got a divorce and it has left him horribly damaged. And this is the most we’ve learned about Chase all season. His parents can’t even be in the same room so his dad comes over during the day to meet JoJo separately. About ten minutes into the convo, Chase straight up asks his dad why his mom, sister and him weren’t good enough for him to stay around. JoJo wants to crawl away and I can’t blame her. Dad sidesteps the question but he thinks JoJo is awesome so it’s all good.

Later they head to Chase’s mom’s house which most importantly includes a French bulldog. Chase’s mom and sister both share that Chase took the divorce really hard (because that needed to be reiterated). Apparently he hasn’t said “I love you” before, so that’s a great sign. But JoJo loves that she finally has something to “fix” about Chase.

Next up is Jordan! Jordan is from Chico, California. A west-coast source tells me that it’s the armpit of California so there’s that. We already know Aaron won’t be in attendance but that just means they’ll spend most of the date discussing him. JoJo sees deer and is ensnared by the wildlife. Off to a good start. Jordan takes her to his high school because of course he does.

He’s high-diving his old coaches and showing her pictures of him on the wall that they obviously put there just for this date. JoJo spies a photo of Aaron and points it out, you can see the disgust on Jordan’s face. She asks if she should bring it up at dinner, he says no, so of course she will. At the house, JoJo meets the parents, Luke his brother with his girlfriend, and two empty chairs to represent Aaron and Olivia. JoJo of course asks Luke about Aaron, which results in the same response Jordan gave. They would rather ignore their Super Bowl winning bro. Jordan’s mom called him spicy and apparently he would threaten to run away a lot. Jordan drops the l-word and we leave the Rogers clan sans Aaron.

Next up is Robby, who is from Florida of course. He gives JoJo a carriage tour of St. Augustine in a true tour guide fashion. Robby has some super creepy teenage brothers who think JoJo is super hot. His dad also goes by “Coach” so she should run. But while JoJo has a heart to heart with Robby’s sisters, his mother provides some usual info. According to mom, his ex-girlfriend’s roommate is claiming that Robby left his ex to go on the show. From all the social media exposure we know that it’s pretty much true. But Robby talks his way around it by saying things like “it was over nine months before we ended it” and “she slapped me and I haven’t talked to her since”. What a winner. JoJo decides to buy it for the time being.

Last up is Luke. We can call this next segment “Luke’s Bachelor Audition”. Luke is from Texas. So while dressed in a red plaid shirt he brings JoJo to a party in a field with the whole town. Everyone loves Luke and his dad even wears a cowboy hat. He also thinks JoJo is a hottie in her cutoffs and boots so it’s meant to be. Luke says he has a surprise and whisks JoJo away on horseback to a couch made out of hay bales. Nice job Bachelor Interns. On the couch Luke pours out his heart but is missing the three magic words. But there’s one more surprise. He leads her down a candlelit path to a heart made of flowers. Perfect time to drop the ILY, but nope.

Fast forward to the rose ceremony which takes place in an airplane hanger. JoJo is smokin hot in a bright blue dress and apparently is ready to send Luke home because he still hasn’t told her that he loves her. But magically Luke realizes he must tell her not that a producer pulled him aside or anything. So he asks to talk to JoJo and he drops the l word. Which leaves JoJo in complete confusion, and tears, lots of tears. What will she do? We’ll have to wait to find out.


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