Book Review: Missing, Presumed


Another book down! I love all this reading that I am getting done this summer, but as always I wish I could read even more. After finishing The Girls, I picked up the other book in my July Book of the Month box, Missing, Presumed. Now usually I try to switch up topics or book genre, and this is way different from The Girls but there is still a crime element. I’ve been a little hooked on mysteries right now. I’ve been binge watching The Killing and The Following on Netflix, needless to say, I am pretty paranoid! So I went ahead and gave this book a try.

Steiner’s novel follows a detective in the UK following the disappearance of a girl in her mid-twenties. Edith Hind is the daughter to the doctor for the Royals so finding her is a very big deal. There was blood and a broken wine glass at her apartment and she left her phone and keys. The detective, Manon Bradshaw is in her late thirties and is struggling in the world of online dating. We see her social life in little bits throughout the book.

This book was ok for me, but nothing that got me very excited. The mystery was slow moving and it was hard to get a sense of suspense or urgency. The narration switches between different characters, but I didn’t find that useful in this story. I would have rathered stayed with Manon the whole book. The other characters were not nearly as developed.

I also didn’t like the side story of her love life. I didn’t feel that it was very fleshed out so it seemed like an unnecessary distraction from the case. Many people agreed that it began slow but liked the outcome of this book. I wasn’t a huge fan of the outcome either. I felt annoyed at a specific character’s lack of selflessness and a list of loose ends that didn’t make much sense to me even when they were explained. There was just nothing special in this book for me.




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