The Bachelor Episode 11 Recap: The Men Tell All


My favorite two hours of “who the heck is that guy?” was back last Tuesday for the Men Tell All. We got all sorts of fun stuff including Chad, The Garden, Vinny’s Mom, and Paradise. I’m just going to hit some highlights because there is so much filler in this show.

Paradise. After The Bachelorette ends, we have the summer train wreck also known as Bachelor in Paradise. The preview for this year’s edition brings Chad, Lace, Jubilee, the Twins, and Nick Viall to name a few. Obviously, all of these are people who can handle the spotlight very well. Sadly it looks like Wells also joins the cast, permanently marking him off the list for the next Bachelor. It also looks like he goes after Ashley I, no comment. And in a shock to no one, Chad seems to be forcibly removed from the island. Yep, paradise.

Chad: All of the men come out and sit together except for Chad. There are multiple cut aways to him in his own trailer eating slices of meat and being walked to the studio by a security officer (who I bet is just a random guy who works for ABC). He even whistles on his way in. He goes back to attacking Evan, Alex, Derek, anyone possible. He even calls out Grant and Robby (though he isn’t there) for leaving their girlfriends for the show, he has gone out and found their exes. Nick B, some guy no one remembers tries to fight him. Wells tries to play psychologist but the Chad man isn’t having it.

Luke: Luke passes his entrance exam to be the next Bachelor with flying colors. He was so torn up but he loved JoJo and yes he is ready to love again. Look forward to much more Luke and his love of plaid shirts.

The Garden: Apparently there was a certain room in the mansion where all the guys in it seemed to always get roses (for a few weeks anyway) so they named it the Garden. Then they gave each other flower names: sunflower, daisy etc. These happen to be the “macho men” in the house who didn’t let anyone have feelings.

Vinny’s Mom: When JoJo came out on her apology tour to Luke and Chase she was interrupted by an audience member who wanted to know why she didn’t pick the best guy, her son Vinny. Vinny is living in a hole from now on.

And tonight, the three-hour finale. Who will JoJo pick? Jordan. She’s liked him since day one, I’m going with Mr. Rogers.





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