The Bachelorette Episode 10 Recap: Country Clubs & Coloring Books


Yes, yes I am horrible at getting these recaps written. Hopefully, I’ll do better in time. But I am getting these in before tonight’s finale. Can you believe that we already are at the finale? JoJo is about to possibly become engaged to a white former athlete with ridiculously voluminous hair. So much drama and suspense.

But before she cut her suitors down to two, she had four. When we left JoJo she was crouching and crying on the tarmac of an airport trying to decide if she should send Luke home. Even though he pulls her aside to finally tell her that he loves her, JoJo tells him to GTFO. Luke looks like he has been electrocuted, his eyes get wide and his mouth gapes open in disbelief. He has read up on his romance novels and he knows that he is supposed to ride off into the sunset with JoJo. There are many tears but Luke is no more, look forward to him as The Bachelor next season, I’m calling it now.

After the commercial break, the rest of the crew is magically transported to Thailand. As Jordan, Chase, and Robby know, Thailand is the PERFECT place to fall in love. Robby’s overnight date is first. He is driven up in a cart and that throws JoJo off enough that she doesn’t recognize him, so things are going well. I don’t remember what happens on the date but she does invite him to the fantasy suite, he starts calling her Joelle and we have plenty of innuendo in the morning after breakfast.

Then it’s Jordan. JoJo has all the tough questions for Jordan. Where does he see his career taking him? She is worried that he is going to travel a lot and long distance does not work for her. He says that without a home base (or as we like to call it, unemployment) that he can go wherever he wants. Jo Jo wants to know about down the road, he has no answer to that one. But off to the fantasy suite all the same and another morning after breakfast.

Last is Chase, who no one can believe is still around. He gained a personality and is very lively with JoJo. He even steals a fish, kisses it and puts it back in this market, nice one. When they take their break to prepare for dinner, Chase is playing with sand on the beach and Robby pops in on JoJo. He wants country clubs and coloring books like they talked about, you know the simple things. JoJo makes out with him before making him leave. She gives the fantasy card to Chase, but when he says he loves her she excuses herself to cry and then breaks it off. In the most likeable moment with Chase he angrily asks her why she would give him the card and accuses her of a blindside. With that, he chugs his prosecco and gets in his van that he calls “his fantasy suite”.

The rose ceremony must go on because we haven’t seen enough of Chris Harrison. So he interrogates the guys before JoJo comes in to announce that Chase is gone. Except, he isn’t. Chase pops up in a perfectly coordinated outfit to the other guys and pulls JoJo away. He apologizes for his outburst and says he didn’t want to leave it like that. He’s proud of her and he exits stage left. In a shock to no one Jordan and Robby both accept their roses. We are down to the final two!



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