Book Review: Welcome Thieves by Scott Beaudoin



After veering way off-track from the Litsy A to Z challenge, I returned to my year-long task with this collection of short stories. Beaudoin is best known for his YA novels, and this is his first venture in adult literature. I honestly used to hate short stories because I never felt like I got enough, I always wanted more plot and more from the characters. I’ve grown to appreciate short stories for their concise snapshots of a character and situation, and I want to read more short stories.

Beaudoin’s collection is funny, dark and very thought provoking. These stories follow mostly young people in what seems to be the present or the near future, there are some references to technology that is a bit more advanced than what we currently have. His characters make questionable (at best) decisions but he makes them unique and endearing so you can’t help but root for them. He brings these great slices of life with really odd and unique characters, usually with bad attitudes but are also hilarious.

It’s hard to be more descriptive without giving storylines away, but please read this book if you like short stories, you’ll enjoy it.



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